Small Town in the Big City

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Small Town In Big City cover.jpg

Small Town in the Big City


HCCDC is selling Small Town in the Big City, by Chevy Chase residents, Peggy Fleming and Joanne Zich,  for a special price of $15.   

The book contains photographs and interviews with Chevy Chase shopkeepers and business people at the beginning of the 21st century. Extensive historical notes for each address are included.

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Following are examples from the book:

5542 Connecticut Avenue – present home of Bread and Chocolate:

The Great A & P Tea Company was listed at this address from 1930 and 1935.  By 1943 Schupp’s Bakery was offering birthday cakes, cookies by the pound and old-fashioned bakery goods to the community.  In 1985 after more than 40 years in Chevy Chase, Schupp’s closed and was replaced in 1986 by Bread and Chocolate. 

5516 Connecticut Avenue – present  home of Catch Can:

In 1923 E. C. Dunham advertised in the Chevy Chase News, “Prices as low as any Place in Town,”  He sold, hardware paint and house furnishing goods.  By 1930, the Sanitary Grocery Company was here, followed in the 1940’s by Harry Spund’s Grocery Store. 

3809 McKinley Street – present home of Parkland Cleaners:

A shoe repair shop was at this address for nearly 40 years – from 1932 until at least 1969.