A House Plaque for Your Home
in Chevy Chase, DC

Sometime in 1995, a Chevy Chase DC resident purchased an historic house plaque from Erie Landmark Co. for her home on Morrison Street NW. During the next few years several more Chevy Chase DC residents individually purchased house plaques for their homes. However, in 2007 when it was time to celebrate the 100th birthday of the establishment of Chevy Chase DC, representatives of Chevy Chase Citizens Association (CCCA) and Historic Chevy Chase DC (HCCDC) decided to look into a house plaque program to be carried out through representatives of those two organizations. Since that time, Evelyn Wrin, representing CCCA, and Jordan Benderly, representing HCCDC, have coordinated orders from 88 homeowners who have purchased plaques.

Six of the houses for which plaques have been purchased were built in 1909. Five are in the 3700 block of Morrison St. NW and one is nearby in the 5800 block of Chevy Chase Parkway. Toward the other end of the spectrum, the "newest" home for which a plaque has been purchased was built in 1940. Even then, the house is 73 years old. There is no specific age or background needed for a house in order to purchase a plaque.

Information on each plaque includes "Chevy Chase, D.C., Est. 1907" along the bottom. The rest of the information is tailored to an individual home, with the year [generally the year built] being in the center. Other information might be the name of the builder or the architect or identification as a catalog house. The CCCA and HCCDC residents assist homeowners in finding basic information about their homes to be used on a plaque. 

Plaques are 8"x12" ovals in bronze with black finish and continue to be ordered from Erie Landmark Co. There is a discount both for the plaque itself and for shipping costs if they are ordered in quantity. The cost of a plaque is $269 plus shipping of $31, but with the discount currently available, the plaque price is $243.65, representing $228.65 for the plaque and $15.00 for shipping.

For more information or to order a plaque,
Evelyn Wrin, Tel: 202.244.5744 or by email at evbobwrin@verizon.net or 
Jordan Benderly, Tel: 202.905.4920 or by email at jordan@longandfoster.com.